Hand Carved Walking Sticks For A Fashionable Stride

Walking sticks come in many shapes sizes and designs. Hand carved sticks add a touch of art to your stick and make it special. Although they may be slightly more expensive than normal sticks, they do add an exclusivity to your stick. Let’s take a look at some of the hand-carved walking sticks by various companies.

Fashionable Canes

This brand sells beautifully handcrafted walking sticks. These are made using beechwood or chestnut which are then intricately handcrafted with detailed designs. Artisans often use line carvings and wood scorching techniques to give it an attractive look.

When wood is delicately scorched using a flame that works on the contour of the wood surface, the wood’s depth and contrast are enhanced giving it a glossy finish. The Fashionable Canes have a wide variety of carved sticks. You can choose from different weights, lengths, materials, and designs.

Brazos Handcrafted Walking Sticks

This brand has a very wide range of walking sticks. You can find traditional patterns that are handcrafted by skilled artists. The sticks are made from Oak, Hickory, and other native trees. They make both plain as well as tinted finish walking sticks. To suit everyone’s need, there is ample variety in shape size and design.

Wilson Walking Sticks

When it comes to personalization, it just doesn’t get better than this. If you fancy owning offbeat things, then you should definitely check Wilson Walking Sticks. This artist can almost craft any shape and figure that you wish for. The artist accepts a photograph from you to craft the stick. He then tries to match up to it. His famous carvings have striking shapes of animals, birds, exotic creatures and even famous personalities.

Individual Sellers

You don’t always need to buy from a brand when it comes handicrafts. There are loads of individual artists who work alone and sell their creations on Etsy.com. You can find loads of designs by many different artisans. You can buy from them and get it shipped to you. Some of them might even be interested in doing a custom product as per your personal preference.

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