Fashionable custom walking sticks for the elderly

Who said walking sticks are the same old long sturdy wooden stick with an inverted ‘U’ shaped head – a boring design that entirely puts off the elderly? Recent innovations in this line have not just brought change in the science and the utility behind it but also its physical appearance. Few walking sticks are being auctioned for few thousand dollars too, should you fancy one! is one website that has innumerable custom walking stick options for the elderly and for those who love to hike. Some of them are:

Bird inspired with map pyrography – Available at several wood options, this is a signature design and is also very comfortable to use. The index finger wraps underneath the beak, and the weight-bearing portion of the handle is directly over the shaft. A highly stable design, this comes with a detailed map down the first 1/3rd of the shaft. Priced from $400 onwards.

Heavy duty walking stick – A robust and sturdy model, the handle is made from Ebony, and the cane shaft is black walnut – an American wood. Recommended for the elderly who walk quite a lot. is yet another website that does a lot of customization on walking sticks. All you need to do is order the walking stick that’s perfect for you. You can either choose to get letters engraved on your walking stick or have your logo imprinted or have both engraved! What is even better? The pricing also changes based on what you finally decide. Brazos also houses some of the best walking sticks which are handcrafted, free-form and rustic and wooden walking sticks.

Many elderly individuals prefer to use antique wooden sticks. Although this is a great idea, it should serve its purpose which is to help them move better and provide a stable surface where they do not end up tripping and injuring themselves. Go with your fashion quotient but always remember that any custom wooden stick should cater to its function first!

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