Wrist Support Braces – A respite for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel is a syndrome that causes a burning and tingling sensation in the wrist, followed by pain and then eventually wasting away of the muscles at the base of the thumb or the wrists. It is known that obesity, heredity, arthritis, and repetitive wrist work are some of the common causes.

What Is A Wrist Support Brace?

While carpal tunnel may not have a cure besides surgery, it can be stopped from being aggravated in the earlier stages. This can be done by using a wrist support brace. A wrist support brace holds the joints in a neutral position and helps stabilize the wrist.

It relieves pressure on the median nerve, allowing periods of rest and preventing worsening of the carpal tunnel. The symptoms are worse at night as the hand is more likely to be bent onto a side. Wrist braces for carpal tunnel prove to be effective in reducing these symptoms.

A Wrist Brace For Your Needs

Wearing the brace may feel a bit inconvenient in the beginning, but that’s just a temporary phase. Also, there some wrist support braces for carpal tunnel that can suit anyone’s needs. The following are examples of some such wrist braces for carpal tunnel:

The thumb splint which feels like a glove acts as a wrist support brace for carpal tunnel and also provides support to the thumb using an aluminum splint, which can be easily adjusted. It is breathable and ensures ventilation during exercise or hot weather.
The wrist support brace for carpal tunnel helps alleviate the pain by keeping the wrist in position. It is held in place by straps or tight elastic. These not only provide proper stability but can also be adjusted according to the range of motion you desire.

It must be remembered that wrist support braces are a temporary solution which must be used after consulting your doctor. This is so that you can choose the one that’s the aptest for you. In case the carpal tunnel worsens, then surgery is an option that must be considered, but only after consulting a doctor.

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