What exactly is nordic walking

The world today has moved on to become extremely fast paced. Life has become very competitive and all of us have become a part of this race. As such with all the hectic schedules and lack of free time, most of us are losing out on maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Focus has been diverted towards the physical strength and health in the past few years and a lot of improvement has been seen in science and various techniques that could help us stay fit have emerged. However, of all these techniques, one of the oldest methods for staying fit is walking. With slight variation to this old method, Nordic walking technique was developed.

This technique is a type of physical activity where there is enhancement of natural walking with the addition of an active use of a pair of Nordic walking sticks which are specially designed. It is made sure in this technique that the characteristics of walking such as being natural and bio-mechanically correct with the right posture are maintained.

The same range of movement that is maintained in natural walking is also respected in Nordic walking technique. Apart from that several features of the cross country skiing are also involved in this technique. These features include the control of poles through the strap and grip, the position of backward pole during the loading phase, the dynamic and active usage of these poles.

Usage of these poles/ sticks in technically correct manner can engage the upper body also in the activity of walking by propelling the body forward. In this process, the physical strain is evenly distributed to different muscle groups of the entire body and is completely balanced. So Nordic walking technique intensifies the normal activity of walking while also giving an opportunity to develop the muscles of the rest of the body.

Nordic walking technique is known to be dynamic, efficient, safe, and natural while also being the kind of physical activity that is suitable for everyone.

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