Using thigh high compression stockings to maintain your health

Thigh high compression stockings have made life easier for those who have varicose veins, surgical pains or spider veins. Using thigh high compression stocking squeezes your legs and causes the blood to move up your legs. This, in turn, increases the blood flow and reduces pressure on the veins which then prevents blood clots, swellings, discomforts and also helps relieve the pain.

Anyone can use:

Any person can use thigh high compression stockings to comfort their legs. There are different types of stockings available in the market. Thigh high compression stockings are also called – Lengths. Different sizes are available, and one can order or buy them accordingly.

How and when to wear:

To get the best results from the stocking, wear them in the morning, right after bed, when the swelling is the minimum. Compression stockings can sometimes be difficult to put on. Therefore, make sure you apply lotion and let it dry before you put on stockings. Baby powder or cornstarch could also help. If you have a wound or a scar on your leg, first put a dressing on and then wear stockings. The rest is the easy part. Curl up your stockings on toes and put your leg inside them. Stretch them up to your thighs. Thigh high compression stockings are a few inches above the knees. Remember to smooth out every wrinkle as bunch-ups in stockings might cause uneasiness.


Hygiene is important, especially when it comes to using health products. Therefore, make sure you wash the stockings regularly. Replace your stocking every 4-6 months otherwise, from regular use; they lose their compressibility.

When to seek help:

Thigh high compression stockings are, yes, “tight,” but once you start wearing them regularly and see the effect; they feel comfortable. In case one is having a problem like itching or more swelling, then it is advisable to consult your doctor or stockings provider. Make sure you have done everything right, from buying the right pair of stockings to putting them on correctly.

Choose the perfect pair of stockings you need and get rid of the pain!

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