Understanding how a Patella brace works

A patella brace can be used to offer some degree of support to the kneecap especially for those who have suffered severe injury or dislocation of the patella. Those with patella injuries may experience some concerns about walking as there could be a tendency for the knee joint to buckle, causing them to fall suddenly. The patella brace is a rigid elastic sleeve that is worn from above to below the knee and which aims at keeping the patella in place when standing or walking or even during strenuous exercises such as running, jogging, climbing or dancing. Many orthopedic surgeons may also recommend the use of a patella brace after ACL tear surgery, meniscus repair surgery and so on.

Patella braces that are commonly prescribed by orthopedic physician and surgeons fall into the following categories.

Prophylactic patella braces are used mainly by sportspersons who are involved with contact sports and help to cushion the knee from any injuries during playing or prevent further damage to previous injuries.

Functional patella braces are intended to offer some support when standing, walking or moving to those who lack stability due to age or other causes.

Rehabilitative knee braces are usually prescribed when a person is recovering from a knee injury or trauma and are designed to offer limited and controlled knee movements that are essential for joint rehabilitation.

The fourth type of patella brace is the patellofemoral knee brace, which may be prescribed for use by those who experience anterior knee pain.

While the use of a patella brace may not contribute entirely towards curing a specific knee related issue, the benefits seem to be highly subjective. In many cases, the use of patella braces offers some peace of mind to the user and also help build a little more confidence in their ability to move freely without fear of injury. Some kinds of patella braces are designed to take away the strain applied to the knee joint and direct it towards the thigh, and may thus contribute to the alleviation of pain or tension.

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