Types of shower chairs for elderly

Bathing at old age can be complicated due to a number of age-related issues. These can include pain in the joints, muscle cramps, to name a few and these can make even the simple task of having a shower, a painful experience. The best way to provide an easy and effortless bathing experience is to use a shower chair or shower stool for the elderly.

The easy usage and freedom of mobility make shower chairs and stools a necessity for the elderly. There is a wide range of options and features of shower chairs to choose from, depending on specific needs. While one can order pre-fabricated products, some can even be assembled at home, and can even be customized depending on specific requirements.

Some types of shower chairs and shower stools available are mentioned here:

  • Standard shower chair: These shower chairs for the elderly are made of comfortable materials and are extremely durable, resisting any damages or corrosion that can be caused by water. They even allow the height to be adjusted as required.
  • Rolling shower chair: These are like normal wheelchairs but made from a water-resistant material and can be used in showers.
  • Sliding shower chair: These shower chairs for the elderly allow easy transfer to the bathtub. Some even swivel and slide, giving an increased range of motion.
  • Wall mounted shower chair: For a more permanent setup, these are more suitable shower chairs for the elderly. They can be attached to the wall and even be collapsed when not in use.
  • Tilting shower chair: With a complex support system, these shower chairs for the elderly allow them to be tilted backward which can make bathing easier.
  • Shower Stools: The shower stools for elderly are made up of comfortable materials and also prevent any slipping. In addition, they can be adjusted to the desired height of the user with just the press of a button.

It must be remembered that before the purchase a few other factors must also be considered such as the dimensions of the bathroom, the temporary or permanent usage, and installation of some bath aids such as grab rails to ease the process even further.

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