Types of mobility aids available in the market

Mobility aids are devices that help physically challenged or elderly people with restricted abilities to move around more easily. There are many types of mobility aids starting from the simple cane to electric scooters and stairlifts.

Types of mobility aids
Canes, such as the following, include simple walking sticks that help in support and balance.
Canes for the visually impaired: These are usually white in color and long rod-shaped. They help the visually impaired person feel for obstacles in their path and avoid them.

Claw footed or quad canes: These canes provide more stability and balance. These canes have bases that are shaped like a claw with four prongs for more support.

Forearm canes: These canes have an arm support or brace and a handle a little below the brace. The handle can be gripped by the hand while the forearm support provides more stability.

Crutches: Crutches are another type of mobility aids that help keep the weight off legs and need good upper body strength to use. They are generally used by those recovering from injuries. Forearm canes are also used as crutches.

Walkers and wheeled walkers: Walkers are mobility aids, with a 3-sided frame and four legs. These metal frames need to be lifted and put down by the user at each step. They are made of lightweight material which are strong enough to support loads. They often come with seats so that the user can rest for a while when they are taking a walk. The wheels on each foot eliminate the necessity to lift the walker when you use it.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs are used by the disabled and by the elderly who can no longer walk. You can buy wheelchairs that can be self-propelled or pushed around by someone else. Battery- operated wheelchairs are also available which can be operated by the user with buttons and other controls.

Scooters: Electric scooters can help seniors and the disabled get around at home or outside without needing to walk.

Elevators and stairlifts: Elevators can help the mobility impaired climb to upper floors in their house. Chair lifts are cheaper devices. They are mounted on to rails installed along one side of the staircase. You can sit on the chair and be lifted up or down the stairs.

These mobility aids that can help the mobility impaired to get from one place to another and live a more fuller life.

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