Top sock aids for the independent elderly

Elderly individuals, who have physical limitations, have found the sock aids useful to wear their own socks without any strain from bending, thereby boosting confidence for an independent lifestyle. Some of the best sock aids available in the market are:

  1. Royal Medical Solutions Sock Aid: Priced at just under $10, this sock aid has been reviewed best for its price, ease of use, and effectiveness. While there may some difficulty using compression socks with this RMS aid, the product is made up of foam handles for easy grip, a very flexible plastic chute, an anti-slip pad, and length-adjustable cords. It’s useful for wearing both socks and stocking, and the whole device is about 38” long. Being an easily storable and sturdy aid, they are apt for those elderly individuals who have bending issues.
  2. CM Sock Aid: Priced at just $8, this sock aid is best suited for those elderly individuals who are physically challenged or with a mobility impediment. This sock aid is built on a flexible plastic chute which has a unique three-finger design with a lining of nylon in order to reduce friction and hold the socks or stocking easily. This model is hand washable, has loop strap for easy wear using just one hand, and has length-adjustable straps. The usage of this product requires minimal bending thereby alleviating the chance of stress or a potential fall. Most users have reviewed that this sock aid makes sure that repositioning of the foot is almost never required when trying to wear a sock.
  3. EVA Medical EZ TUG Sock Aid: A very economical sock aid at just $7, this model eliminates the trouble of bending or struggling for elderly individuals who wish to wear their regular socks, panty-hose, or compression stockings. This device just requires the individual to tug and pull the socks in a single fluid movement. The whole device is constructed on the concept of avoiding injury to the back, arms, and spine that could be caused by simple jerking or pulling actions. The sock aid is made of a sturdy plastic chute with an anti-slippery surface.

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