Tips on choosing the right diabetic slippers

Diabetic slippers are therapeutic shoes or sometimes also referred as sugar shoes. They are designed for diabetic people to reduce the risk of breakdown with existing foot diseases. If you are looking for diabetic slippers, make sure you purchase the right one as the wrong choice of slippers may lead to injury, blisters or ulcers that can rapidly increase the infection and cause troubles to your health. Here are some tips to follow before considering diabetic slippers.

  • Know the time spent outdoors
    If you spend a lot of time outdoors under the sun, it is advisable to choose lighter shoes and not the darker ones as within an hour, or so the foot temperature might rise, which would lead to uneasiness.
  • Get prescription
    Getting prescription makes your necessity legit, and it also helps you get the medical insurance. After getting the prescription ask your orthopedic or podiatrist to fit the shoes for you. Mostly, the doctors recommend you the shoes according to what they have studied of your problem. You must feel free to express your needs and comfort to the doctor.
  • Pick the right size
    Having measured your feet is important. This helps to pick the right shoe size. Your feet size may change over time and you cannot rely on the size measured years back. Moreover, choosing the right size lets you be comfortable throughout the day and avoid reasons of discomfort.
  • Avoid heels
    Do not look for heels. Heels would cause problems and discomfort. Excessive pressure on foot areas may cause disturbances and underlying deformity. Choose flat shoes that are comfortable and easy on your ankles. You would not want that.
  • Opt for airy footwear
    It is important that your feet get air as moisture between your toes, otherwise, it can cause a home for the bacteria and skin infection.

A right choice of the footwear will help you stay comfortable and not cause any problems that you wouldn’t want. Diabetic slippers can help you avoid breakdown when foot problems like such as poor circulation, neuropathy, and foot deformities co-exist. Hence, be reasonable while picking up diabetic slippers.

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