Things you need to know about diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are socks that are meant for diabetic patients. Contrary to ordinary socks, this form has numerous health benefits, which when accounted for together, helps to prevent any future complications. Before we get into why a person who has diabetes should use these socks, let us try to understand what these socks are.

What are diabetic socks?
Specially designed for people suffering from diabetes, these socks are specially meant to:

  • Reduce pressure on the foot and nerves,
  • Prevent ulcers, rashes or blisters on the skin surface, and
  • Minimize moisture accumulation in the feet.

To summarize, their ultimate role is to prevent any foot injuries and provide maximum comfort. There are two essential features of diabetic socks that distinguish them from the ordinary ones, and these are non-elasticity and seamlessness.

The non-elastic feature is to prevent the constriction and tightening of the nerves due to common feet swelling tendencies, whereas the seamless design is to minimize neurological discomfort and pain. High blood sugar, which is a direct consequence of diabetes, causes the immune system to slow down. Diabetic socks are specially fabricated to prevent any future need for foot amputation or even death due to serious complications.

Why should one use diabetic socks?
It is not mandatory for all the diabetic patients to use diabetic socks. However, if the following symptoms are observed, you should seriously consider buying a pair or two:

  • Foot blisters and ulcers
  • Changes in color and temperature of the feet
  • Decreased pedal pulses
  • Nerve damage
  • Lack of sensation on the feet
  • Frequent foot injuries
  • Redness, irritation or swelling

When one puts on a pair of diabetic socks, there is a reduced risk of fungal infections and the cushioning effect helps in taking good care of the feet. In addition to keeping the feet warm during winter and moisture-free during summer, these socks also help to improve blood circulation in the feet.

Choosing a pair of diabetic socks helps in reducing the chances of serious complications, if not obviate the same. Identify the above symptoms, if any, and if the slightest of these persist, do not delay in consulting the doctor. Prevention is always better than cure.

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