The types of walking canes

A cane can improve your balance while you walk. The following points help you narrow down your choices to pick the best walking cane for you.

There are different types of walking canes as well as walking canes with seats available in the market, and your only task is to figure out your needs and choose the best one that suits you accordingly.

  • Straight canes

These are made of aluminum or sometimes wood. Adjustable in height and having fold-ups, they are easy to handle. These are single point basic canes which have an L-shaped handle incorporated. As made of aluminum, they are light weighted. If you are looking for lighter walking canes, this is an option worth considering.

  • Offset handle canes

Likewise, straight canes are also single point canes. But they come with a swan neck curve in the upper region. This helps the user put his/her weight directly on the cane tip and thereby adding more stability. These canes come with a soft grip and flat handles. For slight walking difficulty, offset, and straight canes are the best to use.

  • Quad Canes

These are designed for the people who need maximum support. These are also known as broad-based canes and come with four separate bases (sometimes three). They can remain standing when the user lets go of the handle and thus they are easier to use. Due to a large base, they are able to transfer a large amount of body weight of the user onto themselves.

  • Palm Grip Canes

Here, the palm of the walking cane holds the majority of the body weight. A small amount of hand strength is needed to hold these canes and therefore it makes it easier for the arthritic users. Right, and left-hand users have different palm grip canes made for them so one needs to be careful before choosing the cane.

Walking canes with seats are also available these days. One must pick the right one for themselves or the patients, knowing their needs and comforts.

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