Sock Aid for seniors

Older adults who find it difficult to bend due to hip replacement surgeries, arthritis or severe spinal injuries find the Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid an ultimate solution to their never-ending problems. Limitation in physical mobility can cause the individuals to feel low on confidence and self-worth. Medical supply stores have now come up with a variety of devices that help the aged and the immobile in unique ways. To regain the independence to do minor activities without anyone’s support is certainly comforting. Wearing socks can be one of their daily activity, hence Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is one such practical device that helps them to do so conveniently.

As the name suggests, the Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is an instrument that makes putting on and taking off socks easier. Created with sensitivity towards those who are unable to perform certain essential chores and also with practicality in mind, the sock aid device consists of three simple parts – the main base, a hook and a stick.
You can use the tool in three simple steps:
– Fix the socks to the main device.
– Slip your feet into the socks to wear it.
– Remove it with the help of the hook and stick.
The Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is the perfect gadget for anyone who has trouble with mobility below the hips as its user-friendly, portable and low on maintenance.

The Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is a brilliant piece of invention, helping the seniors do their everyday tasks. Available through online retailers and traditional medical aid supply stores, the sock aid is not very expensive as it costs approximately $30 here in the United States. Often available at reduced prices, the sock aid device can also make a valuable gift.

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