Situations when one would require a support hose

In relation to the varicose vein disease, compression therapy is essential for its treatment. The compression hose or support hose is used before, after, and during vein treatments for varied reasons.

Before treatment: Conservative therapy is required by the insurance company that involves the use of a medical grade graduated compression or support hose. A trial period is ensued which varies depending upon the type of insurance possessed by you, ranging from 3 months to 2 weeks. This is a necessity by the insurance company. You are bound to undergo this trial therapy if you want the insurance company to pay for any treatment of yours. If you plan on fixing your veins before any big day, you need to start planning before months.

During treatment: Varicose vein treatment requires the putting on of a support hose. Complications like swelling and other difficult procedures are taken care of by the compression exerted from the hose. Support hose shall also be offered as an option for those taking treatment for spider veins. This varies from patient to patient depending on their specific needs. Consult your healthcare provider to discuss such issues with you.

After treatment: We battle a multitude of problems out of which, varicose veins is a significant disease. With the help of proper treatment and medicines, the problem can be warded off or controlled. But the genetic tendency of the body to completely upturn the process of making defective veins has yet not been made possible. Hence, wearing a support hose is vital. It can stop new varices from progressing and increase treatment time.

Buying a compression hose: One of the situations faced by the patients is a plethora of various sizes and different strengths when it comes to choosing one. It becomes a challenge even for good consumers to pick the perfect hose. However, even this factor is under control. You need to get yourself measured. “One-size-fits-all” concept does not satisfy in case of a medical grade support hose. Every time, you shall tend to try on the wrong size and miss the adequate compression which you shall definitely need. Do not waste your precious time and money on the wrong things.

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