Popular wooden walking sticks in the market

The market offers a number of options in terms of utility and design when it comes to walking sticks for the elderly! Wooden walking sticks for example has always remained the most sought after amongst the elderly. Many innovative ideas have been brought by several craftsmen out of which the most notable are as follows:

Sold by Brazos walking sticks

American hardwood walking stick: Priced at $31.99, this walking stick has received quite a lot of good reviews from its users. Made from various American hardwoods, this stick is light weight and gives a great sense of balance. The reviews have also stated that this walking stick has certainly reduced the pain caused on their shoulders and hips which was earlier caused due to the usage of cane.

Traveler’s walking sticks: Priced at $83.99, comes with a lot of comfort factors. To start with it can be unscrewed into three equal parts, making it perfect for those who are forever on the go. Not just a product which can be used by the elderly! It can be used by those who hike and would like a extra support. Once disassembled, it can be easily stored in the aircraft cabin or even in a backpack.

Brazos meticulously crafts every piece of wooden walking sticks and they can be customized to the needs of the user. There is also an option for engraving on these sticks.

Sold by Walking cane company

Derby classic walking canes: Easily categorized under the niche category, these are truly a classic indeed. Made from exotic woods from around the world, this style ensures that the weight of the person is directed towards the shaft to ensure the maximum stability. Price varies from $195 to $220.

Ftitz classic walking canes: These cane handles were developed as early as the 16th century by a German to achieve a stable and natural feel to the walking cane. Again these are also made from exotic woods from around the world and are essentially teamed up with either a brass or silver decorated ring and make a great conversation price. They are also finished with hand rubbed polished triple coat of teak oil. Price varies from $185 to $260.

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