Important things you need to know about tripod ladders

Tripod ladders are self-supporting ladders used generally in agriculture and landscape maintenance. It cannot be used for all purposes as it’s made of tripod pole with a flared base that gives you support on uneven or soft grounds. The ladder has no locking mechanisms or front support but a side support to climb on top. The support helps you feel safe when you have to climb and work in heights. Below are certain specifications to tripod ladders:

Size: The range of standard height of the tripod ladder is between 3-13 tripod and the height of ladder you need depends on your work. The weight of the ladder ranges from 6-100 kgs. This is because they have to be light and foldable as these ladders are specifically used in the garden for fruit harvesting and pruning.

Slopes: These ladders are like stairs and have a slope which is the back leg that is adjustable in nature. There is enough space between two steps for you to work on the slope.

There are certain hazards and injuries associated with tripod ladder. You might sprain your shoulder or hand by not carrying ladder the right way. You might also suffer from back pain and injuries if you carry the ladder in an inappropriate way for a long period of time. You should be very careful while climbing the tripod ladder.

Some of the basic safety and precautions while using the tripod ladder are:

  • Only one worker should use the ladder at a time.
  • It is always better to conduct safety checks before using the ladder and check if the base and the steps are strong and not slippery.
  • Avoid placing the ladder on areas where there are tall trees and electric lines to prevent fatalities.
  • When carrying the ladder for long distances, it is advised to hold it in a horizontal way so as to balance the weight out preventing overstretching of muscles.
  • Avoid working on ladders in rainy and windy seasons so as to avoid the ladder from falling and hurting yourself.

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