How to pick the right wheel sizes for a wheelchair

Wheelchair wheels play a significant role as they determine the functionality and effectiveness of this mobility apparatus. Irrespective of the terrain or the activities for which you will be using the wheelchair, the choice of wheelchair wheels can improve or take away from the experience of using it.

Wheelchair wheels can affect the speed, movement, comfort, and the maneuverability of the wheelchair. The right ones can make your life a lot simpler. The wrong ones can cause extreme inconvenience. So choose wisely when you select the wheels for your wheelchair. It is highly advisable that you take the help of healthcare professionals such as general practitioners, specialists, therapists, etc. to settle on the right kind of wheels for your needs.

Elements of wheelchair wheels
Wheelchairs can be of various types. Likewise, the wheels used in different wheelchairs are also highly varied. Manual wheelchairs have two sets of wheels, one pair in the front, and another pair in the back. Power wheelchair wheels are different, and the newer models can have as many as three sets of wheels – one drive and two casters.
Wheelchair wheels primarily comprise the tire, the rim, the spokes, and the hub. The hub is the central portion of the wheel. The spokes connect the hub with the rim. The hand rims are used to push the wheelchair.

Wheelchair wheels sizes
The size of your wheelchair wheels is also critical. A standard, adult wheelchair wheel size will be 24 inches. For a power wheelchair, the same standard is set at 18 inches. The size of the wheel will also affect the user’s comfort. A large set of wheels can help you to control and propel the wheelchair with significant ease.
Electric wheelchair wheels are the most recent addition to the advancements in wheelchair technology. They are much smaller in size as compared to their predecessors and made with more durable materials.

You must also give special attention to the alignment of wheelchair wheels, for proper functionality of the wheelchair.

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