How to make the most of your diabetic socks

Diabetic socks play an important role in the proper care and treatment of diabetes. Because they help to prevent the risks of any future complications like foot amputation or nerve damage, their benefits over ordinary socks are more than just visible.

By taking the following precautions, these advantages can be multiplied further, thereby helping you stay healthier and happier!

  • Inspect your feet daily and if you observe any color or temperature changes, immediately consult a podiatrist.
  • One major thing to be kept in mind to ensure happy feet is to let them stay moisture-free. Diabetic socks prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria, thereby controlling the moisture.
  • Do not try and operate any blisters or ulcers yourself. If these symptoms persist, rush to the doctor.
  • Do not stay barefoot, whether outdoors or indoors.
  • When you go to play outdoors, wash your feet after coming home. Pat the feet dry and put on a clean pair of socks.
  • Wear well-fitting socks. If the socks are too loose, they will slip downwards, and if too tight, they will create nerve contractions.
  • Put on the socks as soon as you get out of bed in the morning and take them off only when you step into bed at night.
  • Ensure that you wear clean, hygienic socks. Use a good detergent to remove the accumulated dirt and sweat.
  • Choose the material that suits you the best. Acrylic, wool, bamboo, charcoal, and cotton are just some of the many variants available in the market.
  • Foot sensitivity, redness, swelling or itching should never be ignored. Treat all such foot disorders with care and attention.
  • When using diabetic socks, it is always recommended to abstain from smoking because the nicotine in it prevents the healing of wounds and blisters.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on the heels and feet.
  • The longer the length of the socks, the better it is for the healing of the wounds and the flow of blood in the nerves.
  • Try multiple brands to figure out which brand or type suits you the best.
  • To give the socks a long life, hand wash and air-dry them.

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