Here’s what you need to know about wheelchair wheels

A wheelchair is a useful assistive tool for a person who is dealing with temporary or permanent mobility issues. Its wheels have a significant impact as it affects the control, smoothness, and speed of the ride.
There are two types of wheels used, i.e., wheelchair-molded wheels or wire wheels. Molded wheels have less than ten spokes and are made of a composite or solid material. Wire wheels are nothing but bicycle wheels having more than 30 spokes. It is essential to choose the right type of the wheel, as it affects the weight of the wheelchair. The heavier the wheel, the greater will be the weight of the wheelchair thereby influencing the mobility control.

Mechanism of wheelchair wheels
How reliable the wheel is, depends on the way it spins. The wheel that wobbles while spinning is not a good-quality wheel. This means it will not withstand the weight making it less durable. A true wheel will stand in its place while spinning. Extreme weather conditions can also cause the wheels to wobble and burst due to the material that it’s made with. However, the molded wheels are made of synthetic material that will not collapse in severe climatic conditions.
The size of the wheelchair wheels usually ranges from 3-26 inches. The average size of the wheel is 24 inches. However, the wheelchair wheels size mainly depends on the wheelchair itself. For example, for power chairs, the average wheel size is 18 inches. The rider is most comfortable when the wheels of the wheelchair are close to each other. This is possible when the top of the wheels are positioned towards the wheelchair. The best way to align the wheel of the wheelchair is to look at it from the front position. While sitting on the chair, place the wheel in a way that aligns with the location of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist that should be as vertically straight as possible.

The wheelchair wheels are one of the most critical parts of the wheelchair which affects its support capability, mobility, and use.

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