Here’s what you must know about sock helpers

Sock helpers are aid equipment that help you in wearing socks. They are designed in a way to help you pull up the socks onto your feet and leg. It is meant for people who are temporarily or permanently disabled. The sock helpers aid such people in wearing a sock, with no need for them to bend or move their legs.

Other than disabled people, senior citizens, who are weak and find it difficult to wear their socks, also prefer using sock helper to dress up with ease. This helps avoid strain on the back or lower spine.

Sock helpers are nothing but foot chutes on which a sock is glided over. Once the sock is secured on the chute, the user can simply place the chute below the foot using its handles. Pulling up the handles, the user can effortlessly draw the sock onto his foot. Using this equipment makes the elderly comparatively independent.

A dressing stick is another useful product for this purpose. It is a curved equipment that is helpful in removing socks. Having both of these products at your disposal makes it completely easy and effortless to pull on and push off the socks.

Sock helpers are usually designed with a sock chute attached to its handles and pulleys. Some floor mounted variations are also available and you may purchase them if they suit your requirements the best.

Method Of Use

  • Secure the sock in the chute in the right orientation
  • Place it on the floor or hold it in the air just below your heels
  • Use the handles to insert your toe into the chute
  • Pull the chute up until the sock is completely worn on your leg

The most popular sock helpers that you can find in the market are Eva Medical sock aid, Royal Medical sock aid kit, Wright stuff easy on sock aid kit, Sock horse kit, CM flexible sock aid kit among others. These models vary in design and price, so pick the one that suits you best.

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