Heavy-duty wooden walking canes for seniors

Canes that withstand more stress and pressure than the regular canes are generally known as heavy-duty or extra strong canes. So, now older people, who are big build, can rest assured that there are canes available for them as well. This also includes the tall and plus-sized individuals who find the usual walking canes short in terms of providing the required degree of assistance for walking or maintaining balance. This is where the heavy-duty cane comes to the rescue. The finest of hardwoods are used to construct these walking canes lending them extra durability and strength. With the aid of these heavy-duty canes, the big and tall people are assured of a walk that is not only comfortable but also safe and secure. These wooden walking canes are also available in different colors. Read on to know the two popular heavy-duty wooden walking canes that are available for older adults.

  • Hercules Extra Wide Derby Handle Black 500 lbs: This cane is exclusively made for elderly men to use. It has an extra wide Derby handle with a brass band. The shaft is made of hardwood. The shaft is 42 inches long and can be cut to size. The weight capacity of this wooden walking cane, as the name suggests is 500 pounds.
  • Hercules Derby Handle Extra Tall Walnut 500 lbs: If you are on the lookout for a stronger, sturdier, and taller cane, then you need not look any further as this cane is just right for you. This walking cane has a natural walnut finish hardwood shaft with brass that adds a touch of elegance to it. It features a ’Hercules’ extra wide ergonomic derby handle that offers a firm grip to seniors who use canes. This promises to be the walking companion that will not leave your side for many years. It is durable and best for people with a large body frame. This cane is also available in black color.

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