Handy wrist blood pressure monitors for the elderly

Keeping track of blood pressure of elderly people is essential to ensure that they are healthy and everything is under control, especially when one is diagnosed with hypertension. The traditional way of being able to check one’s blood pressure previously was a visit to the doctor. This has been replaced by the modern day digital wrist blood pressure monitors. These new age technological gadgets not only provide a feasible means to keep track of the everyday blood pressure levels but also help the elderly to monitor the same at regular intervals without any strain.

The use of these monitors are simple and can be done via the following steps:

  • Simply strap on the cuff of the wrist monitor around the arm and switch it on.
  • Once turned on, the cuff will inflate itself or this can also be done so by pressing another key on the monitor depending on the automatic or semi-automatic model you have.
  • Once the required action has been performed by the monitor – at the simple tap of a switch- the display on the wrist blood pressure monitor will list out the systolic and diastolic reading of your blood pressure. The system can also store up to a certain number of readings in a few models.
  • Once the required reading is obtained, just tap on the release button and the cuff will deflate.
  • In order to check if the recorded reading is accurate, wait for a short period of 2-5 minutes before repeating the steps will help to finalize the result.

A visit to the doctor’s office to get blood pressure checked can be a significant expenditure, especially if you are not properly insured or have to visit multiple times during any given month. Wrist blood pressure monitors and a blood pressure watch will help keep track of normal levels from the comfort of your home. Even the elderly can very well do it from their cozy chairs at home due to the user friendliness of these wrist blood pressure monitors. Most importantly, these devices are available over the counter at pharmacies or even super markets, and it comes with a self-explanatory user manual for any queries regarding using the simple device.

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