Five popular brands for walking canes

Walking canes improve stability and support mobility for people with adverse leg issues due to many reasons like accidents or injuries. The best way to use a walking cane is by holding it with the hand opposite to the leg with the issue to make walking more comfortable. You must use a cane for balance purposes as a support mechanism and not rely on it entirely.
Walking canes come in different sizes, shapes, and prices. One of the most important factors while selecting the cane is the purpose and the size. For example, if the cane is too high, it may cause shoulder pain. At first using it might be difficult which will in time get comfortable with practice.

The following are some of the popular companies which manufacture walking canes.

  • Royal Canes: This company provides high-quality wood walking canes. The canes are available in different styles and materials at an affordable price.
  • Duro-Med: They provide a lightweight, comfortable and strong walking cane that is attractive looking and customizable according to your height preferences.
  • My Cane: This company offers a folding walking cane that is easy to handle when not in use. The cushioned handle is very comfortable to hold and has an elegant appearance. The cane is made of aluminum stick rubber to carry your weight effortlessly.
  • Fritz: Fritz walking canes are known for its attractive design and for the weight they can carry. It’s one of those canes that can support heavy weights to accommodate larger body frames.
  • Anymanscastle: They are known for their custom handmade canes that can be great for people having specific preferences. The walking canes are also available online and offline, making the purchase procedure convenient for the customers.

Walking canes provide support and mobility to your body, and it is crucial to choose the right cane. Some models also come with tech advancements, so you can explore such products for added ease of use.

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