Five common types of toilet bowls

There are several varieties of toilet bowls available in the market. Apart from functionality, toilet bowl also defines your personal sense of style for the interiors. Toilet bowls are available in different shape, sizes, and designs from which you can choose the one you like. This will help you get the desired look for your bathroom.

Types of toilet bowls
If you are looking forward to getting a toilet bowl of your choice but are confused, then read the following list of different sorts of toilet bowls. You can pick the one that fits your preferences and budget the best.

  • European or western water closet: This is the most commonly used toilet bowl that you can see almost everywhere like in homes or commercial or public places such as malls, offices, schools, colleges, etc.
  • WC health: In this type of toilet bowl, the sitting height is half as compared to that of European toilet, and you have to sit in a squatting position.
  • One piece toilet: In this type of toilet bowls, you don’t need a separate flush tank, and hence you save more space in the toilet.
  • Squatting pan: This is primarily found in Indian households and is considered to be the most suitable toilet bowl as the squatting position is ideal for the digestive system.
  • Anglo-Indian type toilet: Currently used by a lot of people, this toilet bowel is a combination of a squatting pan and a European closet.

The above-mentioned toilet bowls are just a few common examples, but you can find more varieties of toilet bowls if you visit a big furnishing outlet. You can choose either of the designs of toilet bowls and get it installed in your bathroom. You also get different colors for the toilet bowls to match with the interiors of the bathroom.

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