Features to look for in the best potty seats

Providing the independence that the elderly need in toilets, raised potty seats are a boon to those who have undergone surgeries, suffer from injuries or chronic arthritis, knee or hip pain, or have disability issues. The extra height that these raised potty seats provide enables the elderly to sit comfortably on the toilet to do their business without much strain on their knees and joints.

The potty seats listed here are some of the best ones available in the market for seniors:

  • Basic Raised Toilet Seat by Yunga Tart
  • Vive Deluxe Toilet Seat
  • Nova Medical Product Toilet Seat Riser
  • Hinged Toilet Seat Riser by Essential Medical Supply

Some potty seats can be fitted with both regular and elongated toilets beneath the existing seat cover with hinges. These raised seats can either be made of plain molded plastic or can be padded with cushion for extra comfort. The hinged potty seat allows the potty lid to be closed when necessary and most of these potty seats are easy to install and wipe clean. Locking mechanisms on the potty seats make is safe for the elderly by making sure the seats stay fixed in one position without being wobbly during use.

Costing anywhere between $40 and $200, the best potty seat risers are those with handles on the side for support. These are an essential feature because they provide the much-needed balance, especially for elders. Most beneficial to those seniors with mobility issues, the best potty seats are wide and comfortable to sit on, are ergonomically designed and most importantly, portable. They are made durable to last long and are lightweight too.

Height adjustable potty seats are a good option to ensure the seat and the handles are appropriate for the user’s height. The correct height would be when the user is able to place both their feet flat, firmly on the floor of the bathroom without discomfort. This prevents falls and in fact, provides stability to them. Choose the best potty seat that is most suitable for you or a family member. There are plenty of options available.

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