Features of the bidet toilet

You will get a whole array of benefits and hi-tech facilities depending on the model and features you choose which you will never get with ordinary toilet seats. Easy and convenient, bidet toilet seats redefine hygiene, sophistication, and luxury in sanitary ware.

Here are some of the features that make a bidet toilet the luxurious thing it is.

Heated toilet seat
A bidet toilet will keep the seat temperature controlled for you. It especially helps during winters when added to the already cold weather, the cold material of the toilet seat stings on our bare skin like a shock. With the self-heating feature, a bidet toilet seat keeps itself warm and comfortable to use.

Adjustable water temperature and pressure
Warm water is always a more sensible choice where cleanliness is concerned. With a bidet toilet seat, you can easily choose whether you want the water to be cold, warm, or lukewarm, as per your choice.
In case of pressure, any less than the required one might not be enough for complete cleaning and refreshing, and any more can be uncomfortable and even painful. With a choice of pressure regulation, you can easily do away with that problem and go for the exact thing you need.

Remote control
The extra service of a remote is an affordable yet an ingenious addition to your bidet toilet seat. With this, you can regulate the temperature, pressure, and other functionalities even while using the toilet seat just by pressing buttons. The bidet toilet seats with remote control facilities have button-push solutions for all your sanitary needs.

Odour neutralizer
Another facility of this top-notch toilet system is that they come with a carbon filter technology that purifies the air. An intake fan vacuums up the air along with the malodor-causing particles. It is then passed through the filter so that the air comes out clean and free of any stench.

So instead of a normal toilet, opt for a bidet toilet in your washroom for the best possible sanitation for your sensitive areas. Consider it to be an investment in luxury which will also ensure wellness and health.

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