Factors to consider while selecting a shower commode

A shower commode makes the washroom a safe and secure place to use once again for those who are suffering from temporary or permanent immobility.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider before purchasing a shower commode for yourself or someone you care for.

Weight capacity
Choosing the weight-bearing capacity of the shower commode is necessary. The standard chairs usually can bear up to 200-300 pounds. But in case you need it for someone healthier, there are bariatric models which can take as much as 700 pounds of weight.

Aluminium and plastic or PVC are the usual materials that are used. The former one is a bit more expensive, while PVC models are a bit less costly. But both of them provide the same support and integrity.

Open front vs. closed front
Shower commodes usually have either an open front or a closed front. Open front allows a lot more hand movement and access to the caregiver or assistant or nurse to do the washing and other toiletries. But closed fronts provide more support and balance to the user.

Foot and armrests
The shower commode chairs have removable and fixed arm and foot rests, depending on the model. Decide which one you need and choose accordingly.

Tilt of the chair
Once again, depending on the model, some shower commodes are uptight and cannot be tilted, while some others can be reclined. Recumbent ones are recommended for those who need assistance with bathing as it will give more access to the caregiver. Choose the one that suits your purpose.

Some chairs come with wheels while others do not. The fixed ones are ideal if the user can carry the shower commode in and out of the bathroom. For those who cannot, the ones with wheels is a better option. But though it will provide better movement access, there is a chance of sliding around in the already slippery bathroom.

Choose your shower commode wisely as it is a matter of your health and hygiene and your freedom from immobility.

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