Commonly used mobility aids

Mobility aids are devices that are intended for people who have suffered an injury or disability due to an accident, and for the elderly who need support. Use of such devices offer a greater level of independence, plus restoring their self-confidence of being able to take care of themselves.

Who needs mobility aids
Those suffering from a fracture of the limbs, arthritis, cerebral palsy, gout, developmental disabilities, walking impairment, and visual impairment can greatly benefit using the mobility aids. These mobility aids also help the elderly to move about effortlessly without assistance. For those who are recovering from a surgery and need support, mobility aids are the most indispensable equipment. When it comes to choosing mobility aids, there are ample choices to suit every individual need. From canes to crutches, wheelchairs to stairlifts, you have it all.

Most commonly used mobility aids
Those who have a short-term injury or a permanent disability find immense help while moving around with the help of crutches. The main function of these crutches is to shift the weight away from the limbs to the upper body. Say, you’ve suffered a fracture that has broken the tibia, the crutches help to take away the weight off from your limbs, allowing the fracture to heal faster. Used either singly or in pairs, crutches also helps to maintain an upright posture. Types of crutches include axillary or underarm crutches, Lofstrand or forearm crutches, and Platform crutches.

A balancing stick for the elderly, canes, similar to crutches, take the weight off the legs; the pressure, however, is on the hands and wrist. Some of the types of canes are white canes (used by the visually impaired), quad canes, and forearm canes. You can also get foldable canes as well.

Also called Zimmer frames, walkers have a metal frame with four legs. Offering support and stability to the user, walkers are quite popular amongst the elderly. The different types of walkers include the Rollators, knee walkers, and walker cane hybrids.

Ideal for those with a severe disability and for those who cannot put pressure on their lower body, wheelchairs are the best mobility aid to move across distances. Wheelchairs can be manually powered or electrically powered. The latest development is a wheelchair powered by the user’s neural impulses.

You can get any of the suitable mobility aids and move around effortlessly and painlessly.

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