Benefits of nordic walking

Nordic walking is an enhancement in the age old technique of walking that helps us to stay fit. Nordic walking technique makes use of the Nordic walking sticks that help in intensifying the normal activity of walking while also engaging many other muscles of the body and giving an exercise to multiple muscles of the body.

This is a new method of low impact fitness walking that is providing many health and wellness benefits to millions of people around the world who practice this technique on a regular basis. Although the Nordic walking technique found its origin as an exercise in cross training for cross country skiers, this technique is known to be suitable for all the age groups and fitness levels especially the elderly.

The Nordic walking technique and its usage is becoming quite popular all around the world. The benefits obtained by Nordic walking are much better when compared to normal walking, jogging or even trekking. Nordic walking technique is known for activating 90% of all the body muscles.

It has been found that Nordic walking technique burns about 46% more calories when compared to regular walking. It is also capable of increasing the aerobic effect by almost 25% in comparison to regular walking. It has been shown that Nordic walking technique reduces the strain experienced and the load put on the lower body.

It also helps in the toning of the upper arms, back muscles and shoulders. It has been shown that this technique is capable of improving the lateral mobility of the spine while also developing the core stability and strength. It is highly useful for promoting an upright posture.

All the benefits of the Nordic walking technique are attributed to the use of Nordic walking sticks which are specially designed. These poles are used to cause a resistance which would further help us in engaging the upper body while reducing the strain and load on the lower body simultaneously. This leads to a high result, low impact, and complete body exercise.

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