Benefits of choosing knee-high compression socks

Be it knee-high compression socks or thigh-high ones, such stockings are often preferred to provide safety against deep vein thrombosis. To increase circulation, knee-high compression socks are worn. Patients, who have undergone surgery or suffered a stroke, are more prone to blood clots.

Knee-high compression socks are a preferred choice by numerous patients as it is easier to put on and take off. They cause decreased skin irritations and are rather comfortable to wear. Also, protection wise, knee-high compression socks are not very good. Interference with the circulation could take place if the stockings are of an improper size and not positioned properly. It could result in pinching and folding over.

If a patient has suffered from any disease in the upper part of the leg, thigh-high compression socks ensure increased safety. In case of swelling, accumulation of blood or damaged valves inside the veins, thigh-high compression stockings are comparatively better.

The only issue could be the silicone bands attached to the inside of the hold-up bands. They might cause allergic reactions. Also, they are very tight and could slide down the leg. However, be it knee-high compression socks or thigh-high compression socks, every individual has different needs and should wear socks according to his preference. His choice shall define his level of comfort and convenience. It was concluded that both pairs of socks have the same function. Blood clots have to be prevented and blood circulation has to be improved. Your doctor shall definitely be the best judge in recommending you a suitable design or a preferable length according to your condition.

Compression hosiery products make you look fashionably dressed and feel comfortable. Knee-high compression socks suit one and all; from a young person who toils all day to those suffering from circulation problems. These socks are available in numerous designs, vibrant colors, styles and textures that look beautiful with any outfit. Ranging from party wear to formal business clothes, these compression socks enhance the beauty of any piece of clothing present in your closet.

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