All you need to know about Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid

Technology is indeed a boon if used at the right time for the right reasons. Who would have imagined a few decades ago that there would be online retailers and specialized medical aid supply stores that would be selling an Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid? Well, you might think as to what this device is all about.

It is a simple equipment made of durable molded plastic that helps older adults wear and remove their socks independently. True to its name, the Easy On Easy Off is exceptionally convenient to put on and take off socks from the feet with the help of its three-piece holders. Most useful for the elderly who have trouble bending down, either because of surgeries or injuries to their hips, knees or because of swollen ankles and legs, the Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is a device that helps them regain their independence to do their daily activity.

As an individual agesĀ in time, bending to do simple tasks becomes difficult, the elderly start to become dependent on their family members or caregivers, for every little chore. Over time the quality of life of most seniors is reduced because of this dependency. Simple medical aids in unique designs serve a host of functions and enable the elderly to lead their own independent lives with dignity. The Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is one such pragmatic device that works with ankle length, full length and compression socks. This efficiently helps people with mobility issues with helping them wear and remove their socks at their convenience. Simple to use even with one hand, the Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is an innovative product that lets people get dressed by themselves.

No more strain or pressure on the hips and knees is one of the advantages of the portable device. The Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is a valuable device for all those who are temporarily or permanently disabled. This sturdy and functional aid gives freedom to do things and is both efficient and inexpensive. Available for $30 approximately, the Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid is cordless, user-friendly and compact for storing and traveling too.

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