Advantages of using a shower commode

Immobility can be disheartening to the extent where one needs help to do the very basic things like showering and washing. A wheelchair can give you support in most situations, but inside the washroom, it is not very helpful; and to be honest, using the bathroom every day is more than just a basic necessity.

But with shower commode chairs, you get the freedom to use your washroom or take a shower without being troubled. Here are some of the benefits of using a shower commode.

  • Makes you independent
    Nobody likes to be handled while using the bathroom, but without any support, it might be unsafe. This is where shower commodes come in. They provide the necessary support and make it easier for them to bathe without any immediate help. It is important for the self-confidence and empowerment of someone who is in a wheelchair.
  • Ensures your safety
    There is always a chance of slipping and falling in the washroom because of the water and slippery floor, even if one is physically fit. Ironically, that is how many people end up hurting themselves in the first place. A shower commode will give you the surety of a chair which you can use while showering or using the toilet.
  • Self-hygiene factors
    Many times when someone is not able to bend their knees or spinal cord in the way it is needed to be, doctors recommend bedpans or similar equipment. But not everyone can manage or want to use that. For them, shower commode is the ideal alternative. It is as good as using the original commode, only with enhanced support, safety, and hygiene.
  • They are transportable
    Not only at home, they can also be carried along if you are going to stay at someone else’s house or a hotel or need to be admitted to the hospital. It is always better to use your own equipment instead of sharing others, especially if it is something like a shower commode.

Immobility should not hamper every single bit of your usual everyday life. Equipment like shower commodes and wheelchairs can help you sink back to your normal lifestyle slowly.

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