5 salon treatments to tame frizzy hair

If you have hair that tends to get frizzy, you can visit a salon to try one of the many hair treatments available to control frizz and smoothen your hair. Nowadays, there are numerous options available to smoothen frizzy hair and the products used are well researched and have minimal damage. Instead of trying home remedies that may be time-consuming and do not guarantee results, you can opt for one of the proven treatments given below, to manage wavy or curly hair.

Keratin treatment
The secret to smooth and shiny hair is this wonder treatment which gives instant smoothness and shine to the hair. Keratin treatment aims at rebuilding your hair by nourishing the hair strands with protein. Keratin treatments get into the hair follicles and inject the porous areas with keratin, which is an essential protein for the hair. The keratin is sealed into the hair with the help of a blow-dryer and flat-iron treatment. There are different versions of the treatment which are known by different names like Brazilian Blowout, Cezanne, and Goldwell Kerasilk. 

The time taken to do the treatment depends on the formula used at the salon. The stylist selects the formula based on your hair texture and thickness. The treatment can cost anywhere between $200 and $1,000 depending on the hair length, salon, and the products used. You can opt for the formaldehyde-free therapy, but the result is not as effective and long-lasting as the one which contains formaldehyde.

Keratin-treated hair should be cared for well to keep the effects from fading quickly. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after the treatment, as sulfate strips the keratin from the hair much faster. Avoid shampooing the hair daily. If you plan to do any other chemical treatment like coloring or highlighting, do it before the keratin treatment, as doing it after the treatment can cause the treatment to fade out easily. 

Relax treatment
This procedure uses chemicals to smoothen your hair by breaking down and altering the hair’s components. It does not straighten the hair completely but softens very tight curls. Your hair is washed and a lye-based chemical is applied on your hair and washed out after about 20 minutes. This loosens the curls in the hair. After rinsing, the hair is neutralized with an acidic solution. You will need to retouch the new hair growth every six to eight weeks, to maintain a smooth look. This procedure is not very expensive or time-consuming. Choose salons that are professionally licensed with well-trained staff. Any improper application or delay in rinsing can lead to hair damage, so be cautious before you choose where to do the treatment. 

Hair rebonding (Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning)
This procedure was developed in Japan and is quite popular. Rebonding uses different chemicals compared to those used for hair relaxing. Heat is used to straighten the hair after the application of chemicals. As the hair is ironed, rebonding gives you straighter frizz-free hair. This effect lasts for six to seven months. The treated hair looks very beautiful and natural. Though the cost of the procedure is high (between $500 to $1,200), the result of hair texture is worth it. Choose a salon carefully as any procedure gone wrong can do irreversible damage to the hair. The scalp can be affected too. Utmost care should be taken to maintain the hair after the procedure. Good maintenance ensures the effect lasts for a long time. Rebonded hair enhances your appearance and makes you look well-groomed. You can skip the hassle of styling your hair everyday and fighting bad hair days.

Nanomax permanent hair treatment
Nano molecular science isn’t a word that you would associate with hair or hairdressing. As a result of millions of dollars that have been invested into the research, scientists and hair specialists have created the Nanomax hair repair treatment which can permanently repair your hair, leaving it looking very natural, soft, silky, and radiant. This treatment is designed to replace keratin and moisture in the hair structure, which has been damaged by hair repair treatments. The difference between this and other treatments is that this does not wash out. It is literally like a cosmetic surgery of the hair. The treatment has to be done in three sittings and each sitting lasts up to an hour. This treatment consists of applying the protein-enriched formula with a special ceramic and nanosilver-infused hairbrush.

Hot oil treatment
Hot oil treatment in a spa salon works well to smoothen frizzy hair. Coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil can be used. A combination of oils with aromatherapy oils like peppermint enhances the experience, by relaxing the mind too. Oil is applied to the hair and then heat is applied to the hair with a hairdryer or steamer. Adding heat to hair which is drenched in oil helps in absorption of the oil, as steam causes swelling of the cuticles and what is applied to the hair during this time is absorbed into the shaft. This helps the oil to penetrate better. Lighter oils are better for this treatment so that the hair does not have a greasy feeling after the shampoo is done. 

No treatment is truly one-size-fits-all types. Select the one which suits you, based on your hair length, hair type, and texture. Consult with your salon expert and do a patch test to see if the chemical suits you, before selecting the treatment.

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