5 easy tips for first-timers wearing a wig

Wigs are a fun way to change a look. Sometimes, wigs are important to wear due to medical reasons as well; cancer, baldness, and alopecia often require a person to wear a wig. For first-timers, wearing a wig can leave them quite frazzled. However, with practice comes perfection. Here are a few basic tips to wear a wig properly.

  • Prep up the hair: The natural hair must be completely tied at the back of the head. In case of long hair, tie two braids. Pull the braids towards the back and pin them up. Using pins and clips, tie all the hair to the back. Use hair products, such as hairspray, to keep the hair in place.
  • Find the right cap size: If wearing a capless hair wig, it is best to find a cap to cover the natural hair. Caps are available in various sizes. Pick one that fits snugly around the head. Some even have adjustable straps to give a perfect fit. Tie the hair and ensure that there are no strands astray. Wear the cap to cover the hair completely.
  • Style the wig: Before wearing the wig, put it on a wig blockhead or a mannequin, which will make it easier to style the wig. Use lots of pins to fix the wig firmly on the blockhead or mannequin. A water spritzer can also be used to loosen the strands, making it simpler to detangle the hair and style it properly.
  • Wearing the wig: While wearing the wig, hold it with both the hands. Tilt the head forward and align the front of the wig with the front of the hairline. Slide the wig securely in place. Adjust it until the fit feels comfortable. Use wig tape and wig clips to adjust it properly.
  • Maintain the wig: Whether a human hair wig is chosen or a synthetic hair one, it is important to maintain the hair wigs. Maintenance is essential not only for hygienic purposes but also for ensuring that the wig does not lose its original shape. A wig should be kept on a mannequin or a wig blockhead. If it is not possible to get a blockhead or a mannequin, get a fishnet and store the wig in it. Wigs often tend to collect dust and sweat. Wash it regularly with a mild shampoo with minimal chemicals in it. Ensure that the wig is completely dry before the next use.

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