4 types of hair dryers you should know about

Hair dryers are simple and compact electronic devices convenient for styling and blowing your hair dry. The working of a hairdryer is simple; the fan present in the hair dryer pushes the cool air toward the heating coil. The heated hair is then blown outside from the concentrator nozzle of the hair dryer.

The following article mentions the different types of hair dryers based on the materials used and the heating methods. There are many brands across the country that manufacture hair dryers with the combination of these technologies for effective drying and styling of hair without damaging them.

Read on to find out more:

Ionic hair dryer
These types of hair dryers use negatively charged ions that are generated when air passes through the current-conducted metallic coil (nichrome wire). The negatively charged ions break down the positively-charged water molecules present in the hair without removing moisture, making them smooth and silky. However, ionic hair dryers are not suitable for styling as they do not volumize or make hair bouncy. They work well with thin and short hair types.

Tourmaline hair dryer
Tourmaline is a multicolored mineral known for its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties that work on the basis of electric charge generated when force is applied. So, the minerals in the hair dryer generate negatively charged ions and infrared heat when electricity is passed through them. Tourmaline dryers are more efficient than ionic hair dryers due to their heat-dissipation properties. They are suitable for frizzy and thick hair.

Ceramic hair dryer
These types of hair dryers are different from both the hair dryers mentioned above. Here, the heating material is made of porcelain or ceramic clay. It provides even heating through infrared heat, which does not damage your hair. The infrared heat penetrates your hair shaft, locking the moisture within the hair. Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for both drying and styling of hair, making it look silky, smooth, and shiny.

Titanium hair dryer
The heating coil of the hairdryer, in this case, is made of titanium, which makes it quicker in heat dissipation as compared to ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic hair dryers. Titanium hair dryers are not safe for small or thin hair as the temperature generated from these hair dryers might harm your hair. They are lightweight as compared to all the other types of hair dryers.

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