3 things to know before personalizing your cane

Picking a cane off the rack in a multi-chain retail supermarket is an easy option. But if you are one of those seniors who is looking not just for any cane but want to personalize your purchase, then read on.

Custom canes are but walking sticks used by seniors who have trouble putting pressure on their legs. Whether you use a cane as walking support, or you want to add a fashion statement for special occasions, or if you make use of a cane especially for outdoor adventures, whatever be the reason you use a cane for, customizing makes it unique and makes it stand out from the conventional ones.

Let us start with the basics in the process of customizing canes.

Are you a left-hander or a right-hander?
The handle of the cane has to be made to suit your particular hand preference for you to be able to hold it comfortably.

What is your purpose of using a cane?
If it is for medical purposes, then the tip of the cane must be like a tripod or a quadpod. These will apportion the weight cast on the cane evenly and provide substantial stability for the person who needs it. Ergonomically-designed offset canes give solid support to the wrists, and with a tripod or a quadpod at its tip, it is one of the best walking aids.

If you are a fashion-cconscious, custom canes in sterling silver can be with made ivory finish handles that are encrusted with rhinestones to add some glitter. Covering cases help keep precious custom cases protected from dust when they are stored away. If you are an adventurer, a compass, thermometer and a whistle attached to a custom-made cane would be helpful to keep you on track and safe from danger.

Is your cane adjustable?
Custom canes can be made to suit your height. They can also be made foldable for conveniently carrying it around.

The choice of embellishments is entirely yours. Make your custom cane an exclusive one.

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