3 popular wooden walking canes for men

A cane is a walking stick used as a crutch or mobility aid. Canes can help to redistribute weight from the lower leg that is weak or painful and to provide tactile information about the ground to improve balance. In the country, most of the older adults prefer using canes rather than walkers. Wooden walking canes are much lighter than crutches as they transfer the load through the user’s unsupported wrist thereby offering support to the leg. There are some canes available in the market exclusively for men to use. Some of the younger men use a wooden walking cane as an item of fashion, but for the elderly, it becomes more an essential item rather than a fashionable one. Given below are some of the elegant and fashionable wooden walking canes that all men will get hooked on to:

  • Premium Ebony Derby Walking Cane with Ebony Wood Shaft and Pewter Collar: The rich ebony wood that is used to make this walking cane is known as one of the most beautiful woods in the world. The two-tone wood grain is defined through the cane. Only in the highest quality of ebony, you would get the brown streaking throughout the wood, making it a highly sought after wooden walking cane.
  • Genuine Oak Wood Derby Walking Cane: This cane has a casual beauty to it, and it is a comfortable walking cane as well. The classic Derby-style handle is easy to hold, and it comes with a slightly curved end making it easy to hang. Constructed of durable, resilient oak this sturdy cane showcases a thick dark grain that stands out clearly from the honey-colored wood. It is a great cane for the senior men due to the stability that it offers.
  • Mad Hatter Multi Wood Knob Walking Cane with Wenge Wood Shaft and Two-tone Collar: This top-hat style walking cane displays a diverse variety of exotic inlaid wood such as Rosewood, Maple, etc. This is truly a masterpiece to be appreciated.

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