3 best potty seats for seniors

Elderly people are always shown a little extra care by the people around them. Age brings with it wisdom that is respected. And with increasing age comes aches, pains, weakened senses and sore limbs. With advancements in the fields of medicine and technology, medical aids are no longer rare to find. Almost every pharmacy or medical supply store has blood pressure monitors, braces, and support for the neck, knee, back and wrist, safety rails, walkers, canes, massagers, and so many more equipment that make the life of seniors more pleasant by either preventing mishaps or alleviating pain.

Raised toilet seat covers are an important part of the list mentioned above. For elders who have issues bending and stretching their limbs and have painful joints, an elevated potty seat is recommended by physicians to enable them to use standard toilets. Enabling them to use the toilets on their own, without another person’s help to sit down or get up, an elevated potty seat comes in various sizes and prices and is fitted with safety mechanisms to protect the elderly from falls in the bathroom that could be risky.

Given here are three of the best potty seats for seniors:

Raised toilet seat and commode riser: Available through online retail businesses, this over the potty seat comes with removable handles that are padded and with a simple locking mechanism that ensures the seat stays in place.

Raised toilet seat by Vive: This one-size-fits-all seat gives a height rise of five inches. Fitting both standard and elongated toilets, a lock fixes it in place without allowing it to shift when in use. A set of padded handles on either side provides the comfortable support needed by the sick or disabled to use the toilet.

Over the toilet seat by AquaSense: Similar to a regular toilet seat with a lid, this potty seat that provides 4” extra height is fixed directly over the existing seat and an inbuilt clamp locks it down firmly. This hinged potty seat makes it possible to lower the lid on it.

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