Why the 2017 Ford Escape is a great buy

Reading through the reviews about a new car, bike, truck, or SUV can get you easily allured. While it is true that a lot of reviews online are genuine and they come from real buyers of the vehicle, a lot of promotional gimmicks to go on. You don’t know which are the fake reviews and so fair bit of prudence and patience is needed before believing any reviews. However, all reviews are not fake; there are always some which have fair opinions about the car and they are not meant to drag you, in a wrong direction. When the 2017 Ford Escape was first launched, there was an overload of comments and views on some websites. In the wake of so many views and opinions, it became difficult for prospective buyers to buy it as they were perplexed about whether to believe the views about the car or not.

Without relying much on the online reviews, here you can find the actual considerations about the latest version of Ford Escape. You have more to count on than to ignore in the case of the 2017 Ford Escape. In other words, you have more attributes to enjoy than cons when buying the car.

EcoBoost engine is one of its prime features and this clearly indicates better performance. After altering the previous turbocharge 4-cylinder, the company has elevated it to 245 hp which is again something to delight in. Handling the vehicle has become sharper, and it is far from the conventional SUV as it adequately gives you the feel of a hatchback! Isn’t that wonderful and something to think in favor of the 2017 Ford Escape as well. Fuel economy has been incredibly taken care here, and this is yet another feature for buyers across the country.

The 2017 Ford Escape has an alluring interior. Space and comfort go hand in hand inside and this feel gets multiplied provided the economical cost of the vehicle. However, not having a manual transmission can be the flipside for some buyers, but not all!

The 2017 Ford Escape, with all of its amazing features and specifications, can make it a great choice when considering buying a car.

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