Why and how you should use a blood sugar monitor

The main reason for buying a blood sugar monitor is to keep in check the blood sugar level. A blessing in disguise for people suffering from diabetes, there are many reasons why you should use a blood sugar monitor.

You can do the test yourself
The good news is that you need not depend on the doctor for getting your blood sugar tested. Because of its compact size and easy-to-use feature, you can yourself do the test at home, anytime and anywhere!

You can draw a proper diet plan
Because the results are instant, it can be inferred as to which food items increase your sugar level and which items bring it down. Hence, a proper diet plan can be followed as per your requirements.

You can keep a track of your blood sugar
Some glucose monitors have an inbuilt memory that can store the results of up to 500 tests, thereby helping you keep a regular track of your blood sugar level.

You can be safe from any future complications
At times, a low insulin level can cause further complications like eye damage, kidney damage, hearing impairment etc. With a blood sugar monitor, you can steer clear of such future complications.

You can live a healthy lifestyle
Given all the above pros of buying a glucose meter, your sugar level will automatically remain in check, thus helping you lead a healthy, happy and happening life!

Now the question that arises is how to use a blood sugar monitor? Relax, it is quite simple, in fact just three easy steps:

  • Take a sample of your blood using the lancet on the device.
  • Very carefully, place the drop of blood on the test strip when the blood droplet symbol appears on the window of the blood sugar monitor.
  • Read the result and discard the test strip.

It is that simple! Gone are the days when diabetes management was a task best left to the doctor. With the advent of the very compact and versatile glucose monitors, you too can play a part in your diabetes management. Let’s pave the way for a better future, let’s buy a blood sugar monitor.

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