What are sock pullers

People with disabilities have difficulty in wearing socks while bending down. The difficulty is due to arthritis or stiffness and pain in the joints. This acute medical condition restricts certain people from enjoying full liberty of movement. People with arthritic joints find it difficult to perform daily activities and put their socks on. This is also true for people with limited hand function, pain on the back, wheelchair-bound people, and people having a hip injury. Stooping down to put on socks for such persons turns out to be impossible. If you are looking for a perfect solution to this problem, consider using a sock puller.

What do you mean by a sock puller?
Arthritis patient and people with limited mobility find it difficult to bend. As a result, they cannot access their feet while trying to put on socks. Here is where a sock puller helps them to put on socks. Also known as an arthritis aid, a sock puller is a mechanical contrivance with two handles. The socks are of a plastic material or semi-flexible material. The handle is of rope or cord. You can slip your sock over the sock aid at ease such that the top of the sock is open. Holding the handles, you drop the sock on the floor. Put your foot into the aperture of the sock. After that, with the aid of two handles, you can pull it back in the upward direction. This action lets your foot travel in and out of the sock. This is a hassle-free technique for putting your socks.

Availability of a sock puller
A sock puller has no definite size. It generally fits feet of all sizes. You can buy a sock aid from your local medical shop. You can also order online from companies that offer medical items and different aids. While procuring a sock puller, you should look for reputed suppliers. This is to ensure that the right quality sock puller reaches you. Though the sock puller may be costlier, you can expect it to be more durable.

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