Understanding what is texting from short codes and its importance

SMS marketing is a popular marketing strategy adopted by several businesses. The main reason for its popularity is the cost-effectiveness and the reach it offers.

SMS marketing is a relatively simple strategy that can be easily learned and executed. However, this can be made even more effective than it is with the help of some simple yet intelligent techniques.

One such thing that can contribute towards an effective SMS marketing campaign is texting short codes instead of long codes.

Let us first understand what a short code is. A short code is a shorter version of a phone number that is used as a part of SMS marketing. These short codes are limited to only a few digits. So texting short codes offers the recipient a better recall as compared to the long phone numbers. Brand recall is an important indicator of how successful your marketing campaign has been.

There a number of benefits of texting short codes. The main benefit is that the short codes are not as strictly filtered and regulated as the long codes. This helps you reach maximum recipients. Another very important advantage of texting from short codes is that short codes require less time than long codes to send bulk messages. You can send bulk SMSes to a large group of people within a short time.

Texting short codes is mainly done by two kinds of short code numbers—shared short codes and dedicated short codes. In the shared kind, a single short code is used by multiple businesses. These businesses differentiate among themselves using a special keyword. A dedicated short code is used solely by one business and is more expensive than the shared one.

If you are a business keen to make your SMS marketing strategy more effective, get a short code for your business now. You can contact your phone service provider to help you set up a short code for your business. Make optimum use of this technique and ensure a boost in the profits of your business.

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