Types of walking canes available in the market for seniors

A walking cane is not just a piece of wood that is useful in assisting in walking. Today, walking canes are manufactured with a high degree of specificity with regard to purpose and are made using a variety of materials. Following is an overview of the different types of walking canes currently available to suit a variety of needs, be it a safe walking support, hiking up in the mountains, or merely as a fashion statement.

Daily-use walking canes typically allow the user to direct their weight to the shaft of the walking cane, thus offering greater support and stability when walking. Such daily-use walking canes come in a variety of materials with umbrella-like, knob-like, and stick-like shafts.

Ergonomic walking canes usually have a wider handle that allows a broader distribution of weight, so that there is no soreness of the palms. Ergonomic walking canes also prevent the formation of calluses on the palms from prolonged use, as they are well polished and smooth to the touch.

Palm-grip canes are similar to the daily use walking canes but the handle is designed for easier use and allows for equal weight distribution, making it a preferred choice for people with pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome or who suffer from arthritic pain in the fingers.

Aluminum walking canes are lighter than the conventional wooden canes and hence, are more useful when traveling.

Bariatric walking canes are specifically designed to support up to 500 lbs of weight and are usually manufactured with durable materials and a rubber tip that is reinforced with steel or aluminum to offer additional support and prevent an inadvertent slip.

In recent times, carbon fiber walking canes are proving to be a boon to walking cane users both on account of durability and lightness.

Walking canes may also be designed as ambulatory aids with a tripod like base to offer greater stability. The tripod base can also be bought independently and attached to any normal walking cane.

Wooden canes now have many counterparts with the various inventions and technological advances. You can now buy many types of walking canes, including aluminum, carbon fiber, or wooden canes depending on your needs.

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