Types of truck driving jobs

Out of all the truck driving jobs, On-The-Road (OTR) truck drivers make the most money. The average salary of a trucker is $75,000; this is excluding bonuses. OTR truck drivers and driving jobs hold much higher standards as compared to other driver jobs. They deliver a variety of products across the country and have to abide by tight delivery schedules. Specialty drivers and long-haul driver jobs rank along with OTR driver jobs.

Ice road truckers are the highest paid drivers in the specialty field. This is because this driving job involves handling and driving oversized trucks with oversized loads. It takes a specially trained driver to take on these trips. Even though these driver jobs are highly paid jobs, it expects the driver to stay up-to-date with changes in industry policies and also the changes in the laws of the roadways in each area they travel to. Due to the danger and high risk involved in the driving job of an ice road trucker, they get the ability to earn an entire year’s salary in just a couple of months.

Ice road truckers should be skillful. They should know how to handle the elements on their trucks and know how to fix them if they experience a breakdown on a trip.

Another popular truck driver job is dump truck drivers for coal mines. To be a successful coal mine truck driver, one has to be patient. They need to ensure that they can load coal into the mines without obstructing the operation of the mine itself.

Other than this, oversize load drivers also earn good dollars on the job. For an oversized load driver job, you need to have a high level of concentration and lots of patience. It takes good judgment and skill to drive a truck with an oversized load straight on the road. These truck drivers travel with a team that includes a spotter that helps them in maneuvering the truck on difficult roads.

States like Mississippi, Wyoming, and New York pay the highest for truck driver jobs. New York drivers especially have to drive on icy mountain ranges during the winter and also on a lot of crowded roadways.

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