Types of running boards for Ford F150

There’s not enough praise for step bars and running boards, considering the amount of work they do for your car. One of their prime uses is to give entry and a firm footing to those trying to get in and out of their Ford F-150 or other such cars.

Of course, they have a vintage feel, and this might be ideal for your Ford F150. Here are some reasons to consider 2017 Ford F150 running boards.

Why consider running boards?
Besides the obvious use as stepping blocks into the vehicle, the 2017 Ford F150 running boards offer added armor. The sturdier the running board, the more protection you get from all the debris and rocks that might be thrown upwards by the wheels. This is what happens to most trucks when they go off-road.

The telltale signs of this avoidable damage include chipped paint along the rims and dents in the door panel. Some even have their paint and finish peeling off. You should consider 2017 Ford F150 running boards to prevent any damage.

Types of running boards available
You should get custom 2017 Ford F150 running boards. This makes them easier to install since they fit right in the mounting points on your vehicle. The first step is to figure out which category your truck falls into. There is the Regular Cab, Super Cab, and the Super Crew.

Once you figure that out, it’s as simple as picking the 2017 Ford F150 running boards you like best. You get a range of options to choose from. Some are straight and simple, either over or rectangular in shape. However, you also have boards with dips that support step bars. These are specially made for those living in extreme weather conditions or have many off-road trips. The step bars avoid slipping and help retain balance, be it ice or mud.

You can also pick colors; they mostly come in a black coating with a steel tube and a stainless steel one that has a shiny finish. Pick either one depending on the kind of finish you are looking for.

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