Top three wheelchair cushions

We have noticed that the ailing elderly do spend a lot of time in their wheelchair which certainly isn’t easy. Sitting in a constricted space with their own physical inability to move could be daunting. Hence it is imperative that the family members extend the best available accessories that could go along with a wheelchair. The first accessory that comes at a highly affordable price and provides the best comfort possible would be wheelchair cushions!

Wheelchair cushion is meant for providing not only comfort but also innumerable benefits, which are certainly either therapeutic or orthopedic in nature. Using a wheelchair the entire day could leave the elderly with skin ulcers and soreness. Here are some options with wheelchair cushions:

Basic comfort cushions – They are certainly not the best option available. However, they offer far more comfort compared to what a bare wheelchair could possibly offer. These cushions do have certain variation in them which includes flat or firm or soft. Capable or carrying weight up to 250 lbs, it is essentially made of foam and the price is somewhere between $40 to $60.

Gel wheelchair cushions – Certainly an evolute from the basic comfort model, this cushion is ideal for those who spend a considerable amount of time in a wheelchair. The gel provides the extra support that the elderly would find handy, it also prevents the formation of ulceration and facilitates extended sitting. There are two variations in these cushions – one is with 100% gel and the other one is a combination of foam and gel. They are waterproof as well which makes it even worthy of a purchase. The price could vary anywhere between $70 to $100 and can carry a weight of 300 lbs.

Air & Skin Protection Cushions – When the elderly sit for a long time in a wheelchair, there is less blood circulation in certain areas. This essentially results in skin breakdown or even pressure sores. There is also a lot of pain felt in certain parts of the body. This particular product is contoured and made from a material that can handle the pressure from the body weight. These cushions can carry about 350 to 400 lbs and are priced between $300 to $360.

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