Top rated investments for a secure retirement

The two primary concerns of retirees are income and safety. Retirement investments combine both the features but with an additional price. However, the top retirement investments are not expensive insurance products or costly funds but ordinary market investments that you would like in your younger investment years.

Here are the best ways to procure a top retirement investment.

Purchasing annuities
An annuity is a top retirement investment. You can purchase annuities from an insurance company or an insurer who is willing to take risks on your personal longevity in addition to market losses. A lot of people are fond of the idea of guaranteed income as there is no fuss until they spend a year or two into the plan. At the time, they understand the benefits of annuities. Insurance companies offer useful options to retirees. However, a number of people do not buy these products since the rates are high.

Owning a combination of bonds and stocks
Most do-it-yourself investors who understand the issues associated with annuities will create a stock and bond portfolio or purchase income-oriented mutual funds. They are considered to be an important part of top retirement investments. Creating a simple portfolio is not that difficult. There are abundant inexpensive funds which aid in automating the process at the least cost.

Building a portfolio and managing the same at the most affordable prices
If you like the idea of a portfolio, you should consider creating a perfect balance of six to eight types of investments, such as pension funds. Rebalancing the long-term portfolio, income-generating investments are considered to be the key to risk reduction. You can build a simple and strong portfolio by using inexpensive ETFs and online software to get an exposure to every asset class.

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