Top 3 luxury compact cars to choose from

Luxury compact cars have made the luxury of big cars affordable to the aspirational class of car owners. This segment of affordable luxury was first spotted by Audi. It got a headstart over its rivals, especially Mercedes, in this particular segment, with its A3 car. Today, the market for top luxury compact cars is abuzz with new activities and entrants.

For a long time, the luxury of big brands like Audi and Mercedes was left to the imagination of aspiring car owners. With the roaring success of the Audi A3 model, the manufacturers spotted a thriving niche for top luxury compact cars. The A3 reigned in the market for a long time before Mercedes came out with its own BMW-3 series. Later, BMW brought other models in the luxury compact segment too, such as Mercedes-Benz C300. For too long, the market was under the clutches of Audi and Mercedes. But now, there is a bevy of beauties in the top luxury compact cars segment, that are vying with each other for a pie of this niche market.

Volvo V40 Hatchback
The Volvo V40 is a very efficient car, having a good safety record and a long list of tools. It comes with a diesel engine and is a very comfortable car for its price. The engine is economical too. It looks good and feels smooth to the touch. From the exterior, it does not appear to be gaudy, but it deserves its place on the list of top compact luxury cars.

Infiniti Q30 Hatchback
Nissan has created the Infiniti series for the luxury segment of its cars. The Q30 model is more like a Mercedes A-Class car. It even uses some of the mechanical parts and interior accessories of Mercedes A-Class. It is a spacious car with ample luxury that lets you cruise along smoothly and sports a number of safety features.

Lexus CT Hatchback
The Lexus CT hatchback has something in common with the Toyota Prius. It boasts of a sophisticated powertrain that minimizes fuel consumption. It is one of the most interesting cars to drive in the top luxury compact cars segment. With a firm ride, ample comfort, luxury of big cars and other features, this can be quite a contender for a slot in this particular segment.

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