Top 3 home phones for seniors

As we grow old, we tend to face a lot of problems with our body parts. Seniors struggle with a loss of vision, hearing, joint pain, and much more. For a person who is hard of hearing, speaking over the telephone can be quite a hassle. An activity that was done with so much ease now becomes a struggle. This can, however, be rectified by using some of the home phones for seniors available in the market specially designed for seniors with a hearing problem. Scroll down to take a look at some of these popular home phones for seniors:

Amplified 20Db Big Button Speakerphone with Photo Dialing: This phone is extremely easy to use and comes with many helpful features and is the perfect home phone for the elderly who experience trouble with their hearing or their vision. It includes an extra-large and easy-to-read keypad, and it also includes some speed-dial buttons that can be labeled with the photos of people whose numbers they represent. This phone is especially good for seniors who face difficulties in hearing as it is equipped with an extra-loud ringer and the handset volume can be increased to up to 20Db. There is also a visual indicator that lets the person know that the phone is ringing and is hearing-aid compatible as well.
Amplified Talking Caller ID Phone by Sakar: This amplified corded phone is among the home phones for seniors that features a talking caller ID with 90 incoming caller ID memories, a built-in speakerphone, a large blue backlit LCD screen, and an extra-large dial pad with speed dialing options. The extra-loud receiver and loud ringer volume make this an excellent home phone for the seniors.
Picture Care Phone with 40Db Amplification: Once the photo of the people whom you call on a regular basis is inserted into the phone, you can simply press the photo call button with their picture to call them. This is one of the popular home phones for seniors and for people who have trouble entering a phone number.

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