Tips to compare top cell phone plans

Along with cell phones comes the need for good cell phone plans. A cell phone without a plan is not of much use. Cell phone plans can be very confusing if you do not know what you are looking for. You could end up losing hundreds of dollars if you have chosen a wrong plan.

Who has the best cell phone plan?
Cell phone companies have charted out plans for all types and range of users and buyers. But it is difficult to judge which carrier has the best plan. Your cell phone plan is dependent on your usage (heavy or light), the number of people using the internet, and your network. This article has the best cell phone plans compared across different carriers.

The plans are divided into five categories—average user, family plan, prepaid plan, unlimited data plan, and basic plan.

Average user plan
An average user needs maximum 5GB data per month. Metro PCS and Verizon fit the bill. MetroPCS 6GB plan offers 6GB data with unlimited minutes and texts for $40 per month. Verizon 5GB plan offers 5GB data with unlimited data and text for $60 per month.

Family plan
A family plan only works if more family members are covered under the same plan. Cricket and AT&T have the best cell phone plan deals for families. Under Cricket Basic with Group Save plan, for $110 per month for four lines, you get 5GB data, unlimited minutes, and text. AT&T Unlimited Choice plan offers unlimited data, text, and minutes for $165 per month.

Prepaid plan
Under Cricket Wireless Basic plan, the user gets 5GB with unlimited talk and text for monthly $40. On the other hand, MetroPCS 6GB plan offers 5GB unlimited text and minutes for a monthly charge of $40.

Unlimited data plan
Boost Unlimited Plan, for $50 per month, offers unlimited text, minutes, and high-speed data. Also, Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan offers unlimited high-speed data, text, and minutes for a monthly charge of $65.

Basic plan
Republic Wireless No Data plan, at a monthly cost of $15, offers unlimited minutes and text messages. Similarly, Cricket Talk and Text plan offer unlimited minutes and text at just $25 per month.

Go through the details above to get a brief idea of how the best cell phone plans are compared to suit your requirements.

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